12 Handmade Father’s Day Craft Gifts For Kids

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and nothing says sentimental by creating a handmade crafty gift. Why not get creative with your kids and help them make a Father’s Day gift? Here are 12 handmade Father’s Day craft gifts for kids that you can make yourself.

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1. Father’s Day Dad Rocks Gift

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Article image from – Nontoygifts

It’s an easy Father’s Day craft idea for kids to make and use as a gift for their dad. Let them use any colors they want and be as creative as they want to be, even if, in the end the rock dad won’t resemble their real dad

Get the full project here.

2. Father’s Day Toddler Finger Painting Gift

toddler fathers day activity finger painting craft
Article image from – Booksandgiggles

Today I’m sharing an easy father’s day craft. It’s fun for toddlers (and older siblings) and makes a sweet card for sentimental dads. Your toddler can enjoy the process of finger painting without worry of the results. Then, you can capture the fun on paper and make it into a cute card.

Get the full project here.

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3. Father’s Day Cutout Frame Gift

How can kids spell out how much they love Dad on Father’s Day? By making him a paper picture frame using the letters of his name (D-A-D, natch).

Get the full project here.

4. Father’s Day Building Memories Gift

Nothing beats a homemade gift from the heart! Enjoy quality time together and create an easy DIY Father’s Day Gift that will build memories to last a lifetime!

Get the full project here.

5. Father’s Day Personalized Candle Holder Gift

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Article image from – Rhythmsofplay

Dad’s and grandpa’s love receiving personalized homemade keepsake gifts from their children and grandchildren on Father’s Day! Feel free to substitute “daddy,” “grandpa,” “pops,” or “papa” for Dad when you personalize this sweet handmade gift idea

Get the full project here.

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6. Father’s Day Handprint Keychain Gift

Handprint Keychain 2
Article image from – Greyhouseharbor

Thanks to shrink plastic, now we can carry those sweet imprints on the daily with these charming DIY handprint keychains!

Get the full project here.

Tinnitus? when the Ringing Won’t Stop, Do This (It’s Genius)

7. Father’s Day Nuts and Bolts Heart Gift

Nuts and Bolts Heart Construction
Article image from – Mosswoodconnections

It’s always a challenge to come up with unique gift ideas for my husband. The idea for this Upcycled Nuts and Bolts Heart Craft came to me while I was cleaning the garage. I saw his piles of unused nuts and bolts and figured that my son and I could put them to good use. After all, aren’t homemade gifts the best? So we got to crafting and this is what we ended up creating. It turned out to be a perfect Father’s Day gift.

Get the full project here.

Tinnitus? when the Ringing Won’t Stop, Do This (It’s Genius)

8. Father’s Day Photo Frame Gift

fathers day frame mommymoment.ca
Article image from – Mommymoment

I’m excited to share this DIY Father’s Day Photo Frame with you all today as it would make such a special keepsake.

Get the full project here.

9. Father’s Day Personalized Owl Card Gift

fathers day kids craft owl card
Article image from – Iheartcraftythings

Growing up, and even now as an adult, whenever I need advice about friends, decisions, or life, I always go to my dad. He’s like a wise old owl in my life always blessing me with his wisdom. That’s why this Guess Whooo Loves You Father’s Day Kids Craft is a perfect gift for Dad. Father’s will treasure this hand made card,  especially with the cute photo hidden inside.

Get the full project here.

10. Father’s Day Pencil Cup Gift

Fathers Day Upcycled Can Pencil Cup Homemade Gift Idea
Article image from – Chicacircle

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you are looking for a fun and easy craft for the kids to create, you will love this upcycled can turned into a cool suit and tie pencil holder.

Get the full project here.

11. Father’s Day Superhero Gift

Superhero Fathers Day Gift Idea
Article image from – Sandytoesandpopsicles

Here is the Superhero Father’s Day Kit with free printable that I designed for our dad this year.

Tinnitus? when the Ringing Won’t Stop, Do This (It’s Genius)

Get the full project here.

12. Father’s Day Football Handprint Gift

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Article image from – Teachmemommy

I’m sharing this super cute football keepsake this month specifically as a Father’s Day gift, but, it is so adorable, just make it whenever for whatever!

Get the full project here.


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