15 DIY Christmas & Fall Wreaths

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Wreaths are absolutely beautiful and even better when you can make one yourself. The holiday season is fast approaching, so why not get crafty and decorate your house with a lovely wreath? Here’s a list of 15 DIY Christmas and Fall Wreath tutorials for you to follow.

1. Pinecone Wreath

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2. Silk Flower Wreath

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3. Christmas Wreath

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4. Pine Cone Wreath

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5. Fresh Magnolia Mixed Branch Wreath

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6. Eucalyptus Wreath

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7. Harvest Pumpkin Autumn Wispy Wreath

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8. Modern Minimal DIY Wreath

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9. Neutral Fall Wreath

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10. Easy DIY Fall Wreath

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11. DIY Christmas Wreath

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12. DIY Christmas Wreath

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13. Fresh Holiday Wreath

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14. Magnolia Wreath

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15. Fall Leaves Wreath

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Front door wreaths are beautiful but expensive to purchase and awkward to store. I use this easy trick to make my own gorgeous front door wreath from fresh fall leaves to save $$ and storage space (it’s biodegradable so you can throw it away at the end of the season with no guilt). Look how lovely it turned out! This wreath uses fresh fall leaves from your yard, cardboard, kitchen tools, and NO SPECIAL


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