20 Amazingly Easy Rocky Road Recipes

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Ahh yes, who doesn’t love a good Rocky Road? You can put just about anything in them – Chocolate, marshmallows, nuts. I’ve compiled a list of 20 amazing easy Rocky Road recipes for you to choose from. Enjoy!

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1. Christmas Rocky Road

christmas vegan rocky road header

Article image from – madebyluci

The ultimate cheats “bake” – it requires no baking and just minutes to make. The hardest part is resisting the delicious treat while it sets in the fridge! To welcome in the festive season, I’ve added a twist to the traditional rocky road recipe to make the ultimate, sensational vegan Christmas rocky road.

Get the full recipe here.

2. Biscoff Rocky Road

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Article image from – janespatisserie

A Sweet, Chocolate, and Crunchy Biscoff Rocky Road with Lotus Biscuits, Mini Marshmallows, and even more Biscoff!

Get the full recipe here.

3. Crunchie Rocky Road

Crunchie Rocky Road Bars 10
Article image from – maisoncupcake

These easy no bake recipe chocolate rocky road bars include chopped up Crunchie bars to add a shimmery golden topping of broken up honeycomb pieces. This recipe was commissioned by Oxo to demonstrate their new squeeze and pour jugs.

Get the full recipe here.

4. Rolo Rocky Road

Article image from – sweetestmenu

For a delicious no bake chocolate treat, try this Easy Rolo Rocky Road. Packed with marshmallows, roasted peanuts and loads of chocolate caramel Rolos, it’s the best rocky road I’ve ever had. 

Get the full recipe here.

5. White Chocolate Rocky Road

white choc rocky road hero
Article image from – oversixty

This delicious spin on the traditional rocky road combines the dreamy flavour of white chocolate with the tart sweetness of strawberries and cranberries. Delicious as a treat after dinner, or perfect as a gift. And it’s so easy to make!

Get the full recipe here.

6. Mint Aero Rocky Road

IMG 0081
Article image from – janespatisserie

Quick, Easy, and Delicious Mint Aero Rocky Road. Chocolate Traybake Filling with Biscuits , Mini Marshmallows and Oodles of Mint Aero Goodness!

Get the full recipe here.

7. Creme Egg Rocky Road

Creme Egg Rocky Road
Article image from – charlotteslivelykitchen

An Easter version of my easy-to-make rocky road recipe featuring Cadbury creme eggs.

Get the full recipe here.

8. Rocky Road Peanut Clusters

rocky road peanut clusters
Article image from – momontimeout

Rocky Road Peanut Clusters are made in the microwave and use only FIVE ingredients. A simple, delicious, easy candy recipe that everyone will enjoy!

Get the full recipe here.

9. Malteser Rocky Road

IMG 0494
Article image from – kerrycooks

Malteser addict? You HAVE to try these easy NO BAKE Malteser Rocky Road with marshmallows, biscuits, malteser chocolate and …. lots of maltesers!

Get the full recipe here.

10. Peanut Butter Rocky Road

img 6288
Article image from – janespatisserie

An Easy and Yummy No-Bake Peanut Butter Rocky Road with Peanut Butter, Reese’s Pieces, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

Get the full recipe here.

11. Gingerbread Men Rocky Road

IMG 0580
Article image from – foodiequine

A quick, easy and fun traybake that’s ideal for kids to help make. The classic Rocky Road takes on a festive twist with the addition of mini Gingerbread Men. Run run as fast as you can – this no bake Christmas treat won’t hang around for long. 

Get the full recipe here.

12. Toblerone Rocky Road

IMG 9161
Article image from – janespatisserie

An Easy, and DELICIOUS No-Bake Toblerone Treat with Biscuits, and Marshmallows… Toblerone Rocky Road!

Get the full recipe here.

13. Oreo Cookies and Cream Rocky Road

Article image from – sweetestmenu

Want a delicious snack that can be made using just four ingredients? Oh yes you do and I’ve got you covered! This no bake Oreo Cookies and Cream Rocky Road is a treat for all of us with a raging sweet tooth. It’s crunchy, creamy and irresistible!

Get the full recipe here.

14. S’mores Rocky Road

Article image from – 

Get the full recipe here.

15. Honeycomb Rocky Road

Honeycomb Rock Road Pinterest
Article image from – lightscamera-bake

Broken pieces of digestive biscuits, marshmallows, caramel filled chocolate and honeycomb all wrapped up in melted chocolate!

Get the full recipe here.

16. Rocky Road Fudge

Honeycomb Rock Road Pinterest 1
Article image from – nerdymamma

This Dairy-Free Rocky Road Fudge recipe is one of those recipes that I just can’t have Christmas without. Every year, growing-up, my mom or one of us kids would make the rocky road fudge to bring to the holiday dinner. And it was just perfection.

Get the full recipe here.

17. KitKat Rocky Road

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Article image from – hodgepodgedays

This KitKat Rocky Road recipe is probably the most popular rocky road I’ve made. All the ingredients are the kind of things that most people will have lurking in their cupboards, so it’s a great little store-cupboard recipe for emergency sweet treats! This recipe makes 12 generous slices.

Get the full recipe here.

18. Candy Cane Rocky Road

candy cane rocky road pinterest
Article image from – foodiequine

Rocky Road just got festive. Smashed up red and white Christmas Candy Canes bring a minty twist to this quick and easy to make no bake treat. Mint, chocolate, marshmallow and biscuit is a winning culinary combination. 

Get the full recipe here.

19. Butterfinger Mini Cups Rocky Road

Butterfinger Mini Cups Rocky Road
Article image from – hodgepodgedays

Rocky road is one of those quick and easy things you can quickly throw together, you don’t need much skill and it’s a good thing to “bake” with children, although there’s no actual baking involved. Rocky road is what we used to call chocolate fridge cake when I was a child, except chocolate fridge cake doesn’t have marshmallows in it, you can leave them out if you’re vegetarian and just add some extra dried fruit or biscuits.

Get the full recipe here.

20. Orange and Cranberry Rocky Roads

festive rocky road 442x1024
Article image from – daisiesandpie

Welcome to the world of orange and cranberry rocky roads, all I can say is WOW! They taste completely amazing. They’re absolutely everything I wanted them to be. A perfect thanksgiving recipe or just for munching with coffee on a cold winter day.

Get the full recipe here.


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