20 Delicious Skillet Desserts You’ll Love

Enjoy these 20 delicious skillet dessert recipes.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet

a close-up photo of Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet Brownie

Fudgy brownies and chocolate chip cookies are combined into one in these fun desserts so that you don’t have to choose.

2. Snickerdoodle Skillet Cake

img 9346

A thick and chewy snickerdoodle cake baked in a cast iron skillet and topped with ice cream and caramel sauce. A delicious, dessert that’s just perfect for sharing!

3. Skillet Apple Pie Biscuits

editedSkilletApplePieBiscuits 018

4. Pumpkin Cheesecake Skillet Blondie

Pumpkin Cheesecake Skillet Blondie recipe at TidyMom.net

5. Double Chocolate Chip Skillet

Easy Double Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie | 31Daily.com

6. Candy Bar Skillet Cookie

Overhead shot of a chocolate chip skillet cookie in a cast iron skillet.

7. Triple Chocolate Skillet

Chocolate skillet cookie.

8. Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Soft, crispy, ooey, gooey and deliciously sweet, this adorable little Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie is just the perfect size to be shared with your favorite someone... or not!

This adorable little Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie is just the perfect size to be shared with your favorite someone… or not!

9. Carrot Cake Skillet with Coconut Cream

img 9354

10. Molten Chocolate Skillet Brownies

Skillet Brownie Recipe - Mother's Day Desserts

11. Skillet Berry Cobbler

Skillet Berry Cobbler - perfect classic berry cobbler in a cast iron skillet!

12. Skillet Peach Cobbler

Skillet Peach Cobbler is the ultimate summer treat! A simple biscuit crust topped with fresh, sweet peaches and all baked in a cast iron skillet. Top with vanilla ice cream for the perfect bite!

13. White Chocolate Toffee Skillet Cookie

close up of white chocolate toffee skillet cookie

14. Chocolate Peanut Butter Skillet Cake

Chocolate and peanut butter are two flavors that are just meant to go together, like in this Chocolate Peanut Butter Skillet Cake.

15. Apple Skillet Cake

This easy, buttery cake is marbled with sweet-and-spicy apple slices.

16. Peach Pecan Skillet Cake

A simple and comforting peach dessert with some surprising ingredients in the batter that make this cake divine!

17. Blueberry Skillet Crumbles

There’s nothing quite so fine as a bubbling berry crumble, especially when baked in mini cast iron skillets with plenty of golden crumb topping (my motto: you can never have too much crumble). The filling is jammy, blueberry bliss with a sprinkle of lemon thyme – I absolutely adore pairing herbs with berries for an easy way to elevate summery fruit desserts. A touch of lavender would work beautifully, or go classic with plenty of fresh lemon zest.

18. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

19. Brown Butter Cinnamon Roll Skillet Cake

Imagine having a warm slice of cake that tastes exactly like a freshly baked cinnamon roll to stuff into your pie hole in only a fraction of the time?! Yes friends, that is what we call a win.

20. Apple Fritter Skillet Bake

Apple Fritter Skillet Bake


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