20 Yummy Brownie Recipes

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Who doesn’t love Brownies? The chocolatey, gooey, soft goodness make perfect treats. From a chocolate brownie recipe to a lemon brownie recipe. Enjoy these 20 yummy brownie recipes!

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1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Caramel Brownies

Multiple chocolate chip cookie caramel brownies stacked on top of each other.
Article image from – marshasbakingaddiction

Chocolate Chip Cookie Caramel Brownies – A deliciously thick and chewy chocolate chip cookie layer that is topped with gooey caramel, and finished off with a layer of fudgy brownie!

Get the full recipe here.

2. Best Fudgy Cocoa Brownies

Gooey and fudgy coca brownies.
Article image from – cafedelites

The Best, Fudgy ONE BOWL Cocoa Brownies! A special addition gives these brownies a super fudgy centre without losing that crispy, crackly top!

Get the full recipe here.

3. Triple Chocolate Brownies

Triple chocolate brownies on a plate.
Article image from – janespatisserie

Gooey, Rich, and Super Chocolatey Triple Chocolate Brownies!

Get the full recipe here.

4. Oreo Brownies With Raspberries

Oreo brownies with raspberries in a sheet.
Article image from – tamingtwins

Fudgy Oreo Brownies with Raspberries – Gooey chocolate brownies with a double layer of Oreo cookies and raspberries. Because fresh fruit in brownies cancels out the chocolate, right?  These easy chocolate brownies have freshness from the fruit and crunch from the biscuits.

Get the full recipe here.

5. Best Brownies

Three chocolate and gooey brownies stacked on top of each other.
Article image from – thestayathomechef

The Best Brownie Recipe Ever has the perfect chewy fudge squares of chocolate. You’ll never buy a boxed brownie mix again!

Get the full recipe here.

6. Espresso Brownies

Multiple espresso brownies with a hand taking one.
Article image from – vanillaandbean

Like a chocolate truffle in brownie form, Homemade Espresso Brownies – gluten free + vegan are melt in your mouth and so simple to make. Fudgy or cakey, you decide!

Get the full recipe here.

7. Chocolate Caramel Brownies

Chocolate caramel brownies stacked on top of each other, with a glass of milk in the background.
Article image from – dinnerthendessert

Fat Witch Bakery’s Legendary Chocolate Caramel Brownies are soft, crisp, gooey, chocolate-y, chewy, decadent, rich, fudgy and cakey all in one bite.

Get the full recipe here.

8. Cheesecake Brownies

Swirled cheesecake brownies on a sheet.
Article image from – marshasbakingaddiction

Cheesecake Brownies – Scrumptiously rich and fudgy brownies topped with a creamy cheesecake layer with a brownie swirl. A perfect cheesecake brownie combination!

Get the full recipe here.

9. Cookie Dough Brownies

Gooey cookie dough chocolate brownies with sprinkles on top.
Article image from – kerrycooks

Rich and fun Cookie Dough Chocolate Brownies! Kids will love these (but so will adults). You have to try these!

Get the full recipe here.

10. Marshmallow Brownies

Marshmallow brownies topped with chocolate sauce.
Article image from – theloopywhisk

You will love these marshmallow brownies. There’s no question about it. How could you not love a gluten free dessert that combines two of the best things ever – a fudgy, dense, chocolatey brownie and the fluffiest marshmallow meringue frosting you could possibly imagine.

Get the full recipe here.

11. Pecan and Pumpkin Brownies

Multiple pecan and pumpkin brownies  on a black surface, with pecan on top.
Article image from – thinlyspread

Moist and delicious pumpkin brownies this is the only recipe you need for vegan brownies! Simple to make and an essential in your vegan baking armoury! 

Get the full recipe here.

12. Salted Caramel Brownies

Two salted caramel brownies
Article image from – somethingswanky

Fudgy brownies studded with chocolate chips and topped with caramel and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Get the full recipe here.

13. Blackberry Cheesecake Brownies

Multiple blackberry cheesecake brownies with blackberries.
Article image from – ohsweetbasil

Blackberry cheesecake brownies that will have everyone begging for seconds. A rich brownie base, tangy cheesecake and sweet blackberry swirl!

Get the full recipe here.

14. Lemon Brownies

Multiple lemon brownies.
Article image from – divascancook

Soft and chewy lemon brownies made with fresh lemon and a lemonade flavored glaze! Easy recipe with simple ingredients.

Get the full recipe here.

15. Peanut Butter Cookie Brownies

Peanut butter cookie brownies with chocolate sauce and a glass of milk.
Article image from – donutsanddaisies

One of my go-to desserts has always been Betty Crocker’s peanut butter cookie brownies. They are so tasty and my cravings almost always are a combination of peanut butter and chocolate so what better dessert for that. I wanted to give these a try on my own and see how they turned out

Get the full recipe here.

16. Caramel Brownies

Gooey caramel brownies.
Article image from – ohsweetbasil

My Mom’s famous caramel brownies are a huge tradition around here. You only need 5 ingredients and you’ve got yourself the most delicious brownies ever!

Get the full recipe here.

17. Cheesecake Brownies

Multiple cheesecake brownies on a wooden board.
Article image from – recipesmadeeasy

Dense brownies with a vanilla cheesecake mixture swirled on top, these cheesecake brownies taste as good as they look.

Get the full recipe here.

18. Ultimate Reese’s Cheesecake Brownies

Two Reese's cheesecake brownies.
Article image from – insidebrucrewlife

Swirls of chocolate and peanut butter make these Ultimate Reese’s Cheesecake Brownies absolutely irresistible. These brownies always disappear in a hurry at parties and events.

Get the full recipe here.

19. Mint Chip Brownies

Two mint brownies.
Article image from – snappygourmet

The BEST homemade Mint Brownies from scratch! A chocolate fudgy brownie recipe with an easy mint chip frosting. Learn how to make brownies from scratch without a box that are simple and delicious! Be careful though, these gooey brownies are sinfully addictive!

Get the full recipe here.

20. Blackberry Brownies

Blackberry brownies.
Article image from – recipesmadeeasy

Blackberry season is in full swing and the blackberries on my allotment have done well this year and I have been experimenting with a few blackberry desserts.

Get the full recipe here.

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