25 Easy Doodle Art Drawing Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

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Doodle art and bullet journals go hand in hand. Both are such huge subjects, and I can only scratch the surface. However, I have gathered together some amazing ideas to give you a place to start. Discover 25 easy doodle art drawing ideas for your bullet journal. Also, learn how to draw the perfect doodle with a few different tips.

A Doodle Can Be Anything

A doodle could literally be anything. Looking at the image above, you will see 2 pages that might be found in any bullet journal. The arrows, notes and labels could all be used in many ways. On the right, the numbers have been given a little extra, just simply by adding extra lines.

Try drawing a set of numbers and add your own embellishments. Why not experiment with the direction of italic lines? Maybe you could add some spirals to the ends of the lines? Even simple cross-hatching can add depth and extra interest.

Focussing On A Single Subject

In the image above, it shows a wonderful example of ideas collected on a single subject. It may be that you want to record memories of a particular day. Maybe you need ideas for a project. Single subject pages can help you focus.

Keep them interesting by introducing some colour. Don’t get caught up with realism. Doodles by essence are simplified representations not photo-realistic pictures.

Experiment With Small Details

The arrows in the image above are a great example of experimenting with small details. Draw a few similar basic arrow shapes, and then add different embellishments to each.

With 2 different arrows, 2 different feather designs and 2 ways to embellish them all of a sudden you have 8 different arrows to choose from. Draw one more feather and that immediately doubles to 16 designs.

Simplicity Is The Key

I love the simplicity of the doodles in the image above. Drawing a cup, pencil, or cloud so simply can make you smile as much as anything you could draw.

They can be useful too. A simple drawing on a label can immediately tell you what is inside a sealed box more easily than words.

From Simplicity To Multiplicity

With the image above, you can again see the benefit of simplifying ideas. 6 different versions of 10 basic ideas give you a page full of designs very quickly. These can be used anywhere, anytime. They just give you ideas on how to balance, organise and emphasise shape.

Doodling As Meditation

Doodling can also be a beautiful meditation. This stylised plant in the image above, has been built up as the artist simply immerses themselves in the drawing process. It can be a wonderful way to relax, and can create the most wonderful effect.

Instant Impact

Mood boards within a bullet journal can give you an easy way to record the up’s and down’s of the day. It’s often easier to express an emotion with a simple drawing. Using words takes much longer and can be much more difficult to interpret later. Reading a paragraph of words can never have the instant impact a simple image can portray.

Making Things Easy

The image above is a wonderful example of something I love to do. In the same way as the plant doodle above, this mandala like drawing would make a wonderful meditation piece.

To learn how to draw the perfect mandala, check out my blog on mandalas here.

Realism Isn’t Important

This “still life’ doodle has a surrealist feel. It shows that realism really isn’t important within a doodle.

As we see with industrial signage, often the best way to get an idea across is with the simplest representation. Hazard Warning signs are a perfect example of this. Why not sketch yourself a set of ‘Life’ doodles you can use in your bullet journal.

Simple Complexity                                                                              

I really love the image above. Simple Complexity? Or Complex Simplicity? I will let you decide.

Look at the way the wonderful sweeping lines are emphasized by the areas filled with straight lines. Allow yourself to be drawn in as you follow those lines around the picture. I get lost in it every time I look at it. A few select black areas can lift the image from the page and create depth. You can simply add areas at any time, it doesn’t have to ‘be’ anything.

Seeing Things Simply 

Seeing things simply can be really difficult for any artist. The doodles in the image above are great examples of how doodles can help.

Leaving a small area untouched to create light within an image helps you see how that can be applied in a painting. Simplifying shapes within an image can help portraying feelings or other ideas.

Add A Splash Of Color

Using colored pens or pencils to add life to your doodles is great. Shaded or flat colour can be used and will brighten up the pages of your journal.

They can also be used to draw your attention to something. You can use vivid, bright colours in completely unrealistic ways. It really doesn’t matter. Shading of tone or rough crosshatching in contrasting colours can help create shape and depth. Just enjoy experimenting.

Complex Simplicity

In a similar way to some of the doodles above, this book cover is all about repetition. An amazingly complex overall design is made up entirely of simple repeated shapes. It creates a stunning effect.

Bring The Garden Into Your Journal

Drawn like this, plants and flowers can bring your garden into your journal. I love these simple line doodles, but you can add a splash of colour too!

Single plant stems and flowers can also be great. Try using the methods above to multiply your ideas quickly and easily. Take 4 stem shapes, 4 leaf shapes, and 4 flower colours and all of a sudden you have 64 different flower designs!

The Possibilities Are Endless 

The possibilities really are endless, as you can see below. Let your imagination run wild, with none of the restrictions you might have with other artistic representation.

Enjoy it. That emotion will come through your doodles, and make you smile over and over again as you look back through your bullet journal.

Thanks for reading this post on 25 easy doodle art drawing ideas for your bullet journal. As well as, how to draw the perfect doodle with a few different tips.



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