Easy Step by Step Car Drawing Tutorial

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Cars are really quite simple to draw. In this FREE step-by-step car drawing tutorial for beginners, you can learn how to draw any car you want.

This fun tutorial will take you through the complete process of how to draw a car using simple, easy steps.

Perfect for children, it is also a great fun way for car enthusiasts to express their passion for art.

First, search to find some sample images and photos for inspiration.

It can be a useful part of the tutorial to collect images of car parts such as tires, wheels, engines, etc. these can really help as you learn how to draw a car in detail.

Step 1 – Starting Your Car Drawing

Cars are composed of straight lines and simple curves, which makes them very simple to draw. In step 1, you can start by sketching a simple rectangle.

The bottom line will form the base of your car, and the height of the rectangle will give you the height of the roof.

car 1

Step 2

Next, in step 2, draw a cross that cuts the rectangle into 4 equal sections. The horizontal line in the middle will form the car bonnet or hood line, the lower window line, and the boot or trunk.

The vertical line will help you learn how to draw the proportions of the overall car shape.

car 2

Draw a second rectangle inside the upper section of the first to give you the size of the driver and passenger area of the car. Some cars will have a longer hood, while others may have a very small trunk area.

Use the reference material from your search to achieve the basic proportions of your drawing. In these pictures, I will draw a car that is an average saloon car, but you really can draw any car you want to.

car drawing plan

Step 3

Once you have the proportions of your drawing, in step 3, you need to create the shape. Add a curve to round off the very front of the car first. It should finish slightly below the center horizontal line so that you can draw a slight rise as it moves to the rear.

Next, draw 2 diagonal lines to form the front and rear windows, and add a second curve to give the rear of the car some shape. Join each section with slight curves. Even the most blocky car design has very few perfectly straight lines.

start of car drawing

Step 4

In step 4, you can add the details of the car, draw the tires and wheels. The vehicle’s tires will be small circles or oval shapes depending on the angle you see them from.

You can then draw the doors. Front doors will join the body around the same place that the front windshield joins the hood, and the rear doors will finish where the rear windows join the trunk.

car drawing framework

Step 5

Now that you have drawn the tires, in step 5, you can add the fenders and the details of the wheels and the hubcaps. If you’re not sure how big they should be, check some of the reference images you collected for inspiration.

This is also a good time to draw in the shape and details of the windows.

car drawing sketch

Step 6

In step 6, you can add the final details like door handles, badges, spoilers, or anything else you want to add to personalize your drawing. This is your chance to draw a car that has your personality in the drawing.

Step 7

Use an HB pencil to draw a car initially. Keep the curves of your car drawing nice and smooth. Be careful as you add layers, as it can get harder to erase mistakes.

Step 8

Next, add some shading which gives you more of a three-dimensional effect. Step 8 will helps to bring out details in the shape of your car drawing.

car drawing

Step 9

That’s it. It’s that easy—9 simple steps to help you on your way. You could add some color or background if you want to, but a simple line drawing can be just as striking as a colored drawing. The choice is yours.

You could even scan your car drawing into the computer and print off a few copies so you can try several different color schemes or scenes to see the effect.

Using this step-by-step method, you can quickly and easily draw any car at all. It’s easy to use this fun framework to draw a car in any shape you want.

You will be amazed at how easy it will become to draw a car in any situation or style.


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And always remember, enjoy your art! If you are finding a particular stage difficult, don’t struggle on it; take a break. Walking away for a while can help. When you start to draw again, you will often find it easier.

Sometimes the easiest way to finish can be to take a break. You might have that final idea that helps you to finish the car drawing.


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