Step by Step Moon Drawing Tutorial

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This is an easy step-by-step guide moon drawing tutorial. You can draw the moon alone or in the sky on any of your pictures.

I will show you how to complete each moon drawing using simple shapes, lines, and shading techniques to draw an attractive moon image of your own.

There is something magical about drawing the Moon, and I have seen some amazing crescent moon drawings done as a tattoo. A moon drawing is a simple shape, and it only takes a few minutes to draw. The Moon has been inspiring people for centuries, and the crescent moon is seen as a sign of the gods in many religions.

Doing a moon drawing is easier than you think! In this tutorial, we will take you through how to draw a Moon in a step-by-step guide. You don’t need any special tools or equipment. All you need is a pencil, paper, your imagination and a wish to draw. Doing a good search online for photos or sketches to save them is a great place to start. Other people’s images can help with inspiration.

What Kind Of Moon

First, you need to choose what kind of moon drawing you want to do. For a full moon, you must draw a simple circle of light. Or you could just as easily draw a half-moon or even a crescent moon. Do you want it to be a cartoon, a more complex illustration, or a fine art piece?

Begin your moon picture by drawing a circle to represent the basic shape of the moon. Next, you can leave the circle as a full moon, draw a straight line vertically down to make a half-moon drawing, or draw a smaller circle inside the first circle to create a crescent moon.

moon 1

The Moon has no light of its own, so it reflects the Sun’s light. This is why it is mostly seen at night when you can see the moon brightly in the sky. It is also why a half or crescent moon might not seem as bright as the full moon.

moon 2

Next, you can draw some craters onto the surface of the moon, or maybe some clouds crossing in front of it or stars in the distance. For a more surreal illustration, you can easily draw a face to create a character.

moon 3 1

Adding A Face

The easiest way is to draw an eye inside a crescent moon to make it look like a face. Eyes, nose, and mouth will all add character. This can be a funny cartoon-style moon character, a realistic portrait of someone, or maybe you want to draw something more fantasy-based.

You could draw eyes and a mouth on the moon with curved lines for cheeks and chin to create a funny cartoon moon. If you wanted to make it easy, you need two circles for eyes and a curved line or oval shape for a mouth.

moon 6

The moon is often illustrated as female. You could draw a very stylized female face, or maybe you prefer to draw something more ethereal with silky material gently curling around the face to soften the image. No matter what you choose to draw, it is an easy way to add some personality to your moon drawing. This can work particularly well with crescent moon illustrations where the hair falls down from behind the crescent moon. These can make excellent tattoo designs.

Use Your Imagination

A nice effect can also be achieved by swirling a cloud of stars around the moon. You can draw the stars simply as dots in some drawings. Experiment as much as you like until you find something that really satisfies your imagination.

moon 4

Practice on A4 paper, but you can scale any drawing up or down for the picture you want. Remember not to distort the proportions when scaling; otherwise, the drawing will look odd and won’t be a proper moon shape.

Adding a 3 Dimensional Feel

You could also draw in some shaded areas to give your moon drawing a 3-dimensional feel. The shading could be applied to large areas of the moon or just the craters to make them stand out.

You can also add some clouds or stars into the sky to complement your moon drawing. The clouds will pass in front of the moon, but the stars will sit behind it. The stars can be drawn in as a random pattern, or you can re-create some of the constellations of stars like the plow and the big dipper. These will give your moon more context.

moon 5

Or you can play around with something more abstract. Imagine a moon that is made out of a cloud or one made from rock and stone.

There are so many variations to this basic idea you could fill an entire sketchbook with all different versions of moon characters in the various star-lit skies. The possibilities are endless!

Easy Ways To Personalise Your Moon

I hope that shows you how easy it can be for anyone who can hold a pencil to create a good moon sketch. As with all things, you should practice your own way of creating the moon.

Not everyone will draw a perfect circle or design their moons in the same way. There are only so many ways to describe this process.


I’ve shown one example here, which I hope you find useful. Check out our Eye Drawing Tutorial, as well as our tutorials on Drawing Hair, and Drawing Noses for more inspiration. This will allow you to take your moon drawing to a whole new level. Maybe you could take some inspiration from tattoo art ideas? Do an online search to see what you can find.

This step-by-step guide is aimed at children and people who want to learn how to draw for fun or leisure activities.

After you have finished, you can color it in if you want to. You can use colored pencils, markers, pens, watercolor, ink or acrylic, and oil paints. Soon you will see that a simple drawing can become an amazing piece of art.

Watch Your Moon Drawing Improve

As you get better at drawing the moon, you could choose to draw more complex and intricate ones to push your art skills.

Perfect For Children and Beginners

This is just one of many easy drawing tutorials we’ve put together for beginners, and there will be more to come in future posts! In the meantime, here are some other related posts you might want to check out: Easy Disney Style Drawing TutorialHow To Draw A Tiger

These are Easy Step-By-Step Drawing Tutorials You Can rely on.

All this adds up to a straightforward and effective way of adding your own moon into any of your drawings. It is also a very quick process, so you don’t waste time sketching something which might not work without correction.

If you are learning how to draw, you don’t need to worry about tracing an existing image. It only takes moments to draw in your own style.

The Power of Drawing Lessons For Children

If drawing is something your children enjoy, then they will practice more often.

The process of practicing will give them a sense of achievement and teach them that with practice, they can achieve anything.

Learning how to draw is a good way for children to develop their imaginations and creativity. A good artist can draw their own rules.

Encourage them to search for other people’s illustrations and photos on social media. The images will give them new ideas of their own.

In this way, they will develop self-confidence and understand that there are no mistakes in art, only new things to be discovered.

Good Luck!

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