What Should You Draw As A Beginner?

Drawing for beginners

You may think that drawing is something that some people can do and some people can’t. It doesn’t have to be like that. As with many things, the more you practice the better you will get at drawing.

Everyone has a different natural ability, but everyone can learn. We have some great drawing tutorials to help you become a better artist.

It is better to start simply and perfect your skills. Choose subjects that you find interesting or have a passion about. This will help you to focus and practice more because you are interested in getting the drawing right.

Here are some fantastic drawing tutorials to help you. I am sure you will find some subjects you are interested in. There are some easy examples here to get you started.

10 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginners

1- Fish

Remember, fish are made up of very simple shapes and there are so many different kinds of fish that you can draw, you can make it as easy as you want to. Take a look at our fish drawing tutorials to learn about how to keep things in proportion. They will also show you how to use basic shapes to help you achieve better results.

new fish 1

2- Flowers

Drawing a simple flower is really easy and with practice you will soon see the progress you are making. Try simple line drawings first and then you can introduce shading and colours to bring your flower drawings to life.

First stick to drawing single flowers, but as you improve you can draw whole plants with the flowers as you see them in nature, or even a bunch of flowers. As with everything else, as you practice, your techniques will improve. You will see how much better you have become at drawing each flower in time.

Keep the sketches you do so that you can compare the results and see the improvements you make.

flower tattoos birth months

3- Faces

Drawing faces might sound complicated and it can be, but it doesn’t have to be. Cartoon faces are a great way to start. You can experiment by creating different expressions on the cartoon faces you draw.

It is easy to look at someone else’s drawings and think ‘I could never do that’. Don’t worry, you don’t have to. Enjoy creating silly, happy or sad faces. You will gradually begin to understand how you can bring life to your drawings.

4- Cartoon Animals

Most people have a favourite animal. Whether that is a lion, tiger, or a mythological creature like a mermaid, they can be great fun to draw. The great thing about cartoons is there is no such thing as getting it wrong. Cartoon characters can be out of proportion or exaggerated and they can still look great.

Enjoy creating fanciful creatures from the real world or from your imagination. The more you practice the better the results will get.

5- Cars

Not everyone loves drawing cars, but they are a great way to learn about how shapes fit together to form a final drawing. They are made up of fairly simple shapes in general and you have a whole world of cars everywhere to choose from.

Lorries and buses also make great subjects. You can make each one as simple or complicated as you want to.

Remember to start of easy and gradually work towards making them look more realistic.

new car

6- The Moon

Drawing the moon is one of my favourite subjects. There are so many ways you can do it. In our moon drawing tutorial I will show you how to achieve fantastic results in no time at all.

You can also use it to exercise other skills. Adding a face or the background of the sky will help you practice the other skills you learn.

7- Plant And Leaves

Use this plant and leaf drawing tutorial to help you create a whole forest of plants. You can add the flowers you have practiced drawing already. Gradually work up to drawing a flower bed, garden or even a meadow.

Remember, nature is not as orderly as you may imagine. You can use your imagination to create fantastical plants and surreal landscapes to improve on the skills you learn.

jonathan borba Yod824b0KDA unsplash

8- Disney Characters

Drawing cartoon characters is great fun. If you practice the particular style that runs through Disney characters it will become easier with every drawing.

Choose your favourite character and practice drawing them in as many different poses or scenes as you can.

The beauty of Disney is in the simplicity of the artwork. Drawing like this is a great way to practice drawing more realistic characters later.

Small Disney Ankle Tattoos lissydameron instagram

9- Trees

Just as with plants above, drawing trees can be great fun as well as a good way to practice. Every species of tree has its own signature shape, but the shapes are always affected by nature. One thing that will always be the same is that the main trunk will be thicker than any of the branches that stretch away from it.

The further away from the trunk the branches get the smaller they will be. As the branches get smaller there will be more leaves covering them so the branches will become less obvious.

Here you can see some of the great examples of tree drawings and paintings we have collected for inspiration. As you can see the only limit is your imagination.

10- Butterflies

Butterflies make a great subject for drawing. The simplicity of their basic form with the sometimes complex colouring means you can make them exciting to draw and they are easily integrated into any scene with plants and flowers.

Get used to drawing them both at rest and in flight, so whatever the drawing you do, you can make them fit into the picture in a realistic way.

Try drawing them on their own to begin with and try to understand how different they can look when viewed from different angles.

The beauty of butterflies really is astonishing and as you learn more you will be able to create beautiful 3-dimensional butterfly pictures that really will astound your friends.


Some Final Thoughts

We have plenty more fantastic drawing tutorials you can try in time. You can make each one as easy or difficult as you want to. Even the most complicated subject can be simplified into a single line drawing or perhaps simple doodle art. You don’t have to make everything realistic, especially when you are starting.

For example, drawing mandalas can be great fun. Each stage can be made very simple and it is the repetition of these simple shapes that make the mandala look so wonderful when you finish it.

Simple line drawings can be just as striking as a photo realistic drawing. Above everything else you should enjoy the process of learning. Don’t get too obsessed with making everything look perfect. In nature very few things are perfectly symmetrical or without flaws. The mistakes you make can teach you just as much as your successes can.

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